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Super Anti-Oxidant Face Scrub Organic Chocolate and Coconut – 50gm

This delicious scrub will leave your face soft and smooth.

“There is something about the scent of real, pure chocolate that just so satisfying and luxurious. And it is actually a skincare powerhouse so you get to be decadent and transform your skin at same time.

The first time I used it I couldn’t stop touching my smooth, soft face all day!”

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How to exfoliate your skin and avoid creating breakouts

I have to admit that this kills me.  The idea that there are women out there every morning and every night, in their bathrooms, making an effort, putting in the time, working hard to make themselves look beautiful.  And they are accidentally making their skin worse….

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Scented Holistic Skincare To the Rescue

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How to get rid of a whitehead ……..without squeezing!

I’m not kidding when I tell you I have never squeezed a pimple.  I’ve never had to because I was told this folk remedy when I was very young and it works every time. Step 1 Get a facewasher and run a hot tap over…

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