I’m Dani Angel, founder and creator of Scented Holistic Skincare.


In 1994 I was in a tiny town in Northern Thailand and was offered some ‘balm’ in a tiny steel canister, by a German friend, to rub on my temples to treat my headache.  I’d never seen these tins before and they certainly weren’t widely available in Australia at that time.  My headache vanished.


A few months later I was walking through a hot, humid market in Hoi An, Vietnam.  I had a headache and thought to myself “I need to find some of that balm”. Not five seconds later a little Vietnamese woman jumped in front me with a basket of balms outstretched pleading ‘you buy you buy? “


I couldn’t believe my eyes and replied “Oh yes I buy!!”


In that moment of serendipity my love affair with the healing powers of essential oils began.


I headed to London where I purchased some books on Aromatherapy and attended a few expos (I met Jimmy Paige from Led Zeppelin at one expo – yes Natural Healing was uber cool – but that’s another story!).  I arrived home and, in 1997, enrolled in an Aromatherapy course.


Since then I have designed treatments for day spas around the world and developed products for people to use in their own private sanctuaries at home.


Many of my products have been featured in magazines around the world.



This was a great day – My Bath & Massage oil was featured in U.K. Vogue!


Vogue Feb Bath Hut


And we were listed amongst the best spa brands in the world in this gorgeous Asian Spa magazine.  WOOHOO!


Spa Asia Bath Hut


And even though I can’t read German we were popular in Germany!


Amica Bath Hut


What I’ve learned is that we all need to create our own sacred spaces at home.


Whether that be an actual corner of the house that is reserved for quietness and connection or a few minutes a day where we stop..take a breath … and enjoy the serenity.


I cant wait to share ways for you to take a little time each day to connect with yourself.  To nurture yourself.  To connect with nature.  To find a little peace.


Stay Scented,



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