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5 Tips for Springtime Skin

Spring is a time for growth and beauty coming into bloom.  There is a special energy in the air full of promise and change.  We can all use this energy to move forward in our lives, to change old patterns that aren’t serving us anymore and create new rituals to make us feel good.

Here are 5 great tips to get your spring on:

Tip 1 – Get glowing

Winter is for hibernation and rest (if you can!). Everything slows down including your circulation and healthy skin production and we can end off winter with our skin looking a little dull.  Treat yourself to weekly exfoliation to wake up your skin and get it glowing

Tip 2 – The 5 minute pedicure
As the weather gets warmer we’re all going to rush to get our feet out of boots and into a nice pair of sandals. A 5 minute pedicure is super easy to do at home. I did this yesterday.  Just take a small scoop (about 20c piece) of salt scrub, massage into dry feet over a bath or bucket, then rinse.  Your feet will be left smooth, soft and deeply moisturised.

Tip 3 – Gorgeous Shiny Locks
After the constant indoor heating of winter our hair can be dehydrated and dry.  A quick massage with 1/2 – 1 teaspoon of virgin coconut oil starting at the tips and working towards the scalp is a great hair treatment to restore moisture and shine.  Leave it on for an hour or overnight and shampoo out.

Tip 4 – How long have you had your makeup?
Every February I go through and replace my makeup so I know I’m never using old makeup on my skin. Germs can breed, products can oxidize and both those things can cause problems for skin.
I know you are making a huge effort to take care of your skin so don’t forget this yearly cleanout ritual to keep everything nice and fresh. Maybe you can set your date for the start of spring?

Tip 5 – Do something that gives you pleasure
The feeling of pleasure immediately shows on your face.  A twinkle comes into your eyes and all the lines in your face soften.  Here are a few ideas to get you started: Get that coconut water you’ve been eyeing.  Start juicing every morning. Brew an evening pot of herbal tea.  Start practicing yoga. Buy or pick yourself flowers every week to brighten up your home.  Give an unexpected gift.

Do you have any springtime rituals?  I’d love to hear them.

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