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A 2000 year old beauty secret still going strong…

I received a new batch of rosewater this week for my Skin Refresher and I am besotted!  It is the loveliest rosewater I have ever experienced.  It is clear and sweet and light and beautiful!

If you are not already using Rose in some part of your beauty rituals you really should be. 

This little beauty hasn’t been used since the times of Cleopatra for nothing!

The benefits of Rose are so diverse it works for all skin types.

  • Rose softens skin and hydrates it reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Rose is antiseptic, which is great for breakout skin.
  • Rose tones capillaries helping to reduce broken capillaries and redness.
  • Rose is soothing and just plain lovely!

I use my rosewater Skin Refresher every morning before moisturising and in the evenings after cleansing.  I don’t like traditional ‘toners’.  I find they strip the skin and I’m not into that!

Rosewater removes any excess oils and cleanser left on the skin and soothes and hydrates prior to moisturising.  I also use it as my water content when I mix my clay masks.  I think it makes the whole experience that much more decadent and lovely.

Rose is the Queen of the Flowers and nothing strengthens a womans spirit like it.  I use it every day, knowing that I am doing something good for myself, and following in the footsteps of thousands of strong women before me, starting with the alluring and inimitable Cleopatra!

You can find it here: http://www.scentedholisticskincare.com.au/product/hydrating-toning-skin-refresher-for-all-skin-types-110ml

Stay Scented


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