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Are you using the right moisturiser for your skin?

When it comes to choosing your moisturiser you should consider what is your major skincare concern at the time and choose a moisturiser to address that.

Below I’ve outlined 6 major skin concerns and what you should look for in a moisturiser.


1.   Breakout Skin

What it is and what causes it?

Breakouts are the sudden appearance of pimples/blemishes on parts of your face.  These can be caused by sensitivity to a product, diet, stress or hormones. Your body is trying to rid itself of toxins.  In this case if you have oily skin see the oily skin section.  If you don’t have oily skin then read on.

What it feels and looks like?

Breakouts are sudden pimples and skin eruptions usually confined to certain areas of the face. Eg the forehead or chin

You’ll need to use a clay mask a few times a week to draw the blockages to the surface and clear them.  Let the clay mask do the hard work and use a moisturiser to soothe your stressed skin. You’ll need something anti-inflammatory and healing.

Extra tip – you need to figure out what is causing your breakout.  Look at hair products (shampoos, dyes), your current moisturiser, your diet and closely connected to your diet are your hormone levels.

Also don’t pick at them. Let the clay do its work.

My Scented Face Lotion for Sensitive & Normal Skin is perfect to calm breakout skin contains:

  • Chamomile – calming and soothing
  • Rosehip – a great skin healer and promoter of healthy new cells
  • Calendula – enhances blood flow bringing essential nutrients to where you need them


2.    Dry Skin

What it is and what causes it?

Dry skin occurs when your skin isn’t producing enough natural oils to protect it from the elements.  Your skin can feel tight, hot, itchy, sensitive or dehydrated. Fine lines can develop.

What it feels and looks like?

You will see tiny pores, have possible flakiness and tightness and your skin may feel sensitive.

You then need a moisturiser with ingredients that will increase your natural skin oils thus softening and hydrating your skin.  You don’t need a heavy lotion but rather a moisturiser with excellent key ingredients.

Extra tip – make sure your cleanser is gentle and isn’t stripping your natural oils away and don’t cleanse your face under the shower it’s too stripping)

My Scented Face Lotion for Dry Skin contains:

  • Sandalwood – locks in precious moisture
  • Carrot – adds elasticity
  • Rose – hydrates skin


3.   Red Skin &/or Broken Capillaries

What it is and what causes it?

Red skin is skin that appears red, hot and is often accompanied by visable broken capillaries on the surface of the skin.  It may be referred to as couperose skin.

Red skin or broken capillaries are caused by sun damage, rough treatment, dehydration, alcohol intake or inadequate moisturising (your skin hasn’t been protected from the elements enough).

What is feels and looks like?

Your skin can feel hot and tender and is visibly red in colour.

You need ingredients that are going to strengthen your capillaries and reduce inflammation (redness) and cool skin.

Extra tip – sudden changes in temperature are not good for weakened capillaries.  A sudden temperature change will contract or expand cells too quickly and could lead to further breakages.  So tepid water is best and don’t use hot towels)

My Scented Face Lotion for Delicate or Couperose Skin is designed for reddened skin and contains:

  • Immortelle – soothes redness and encourages healthy skin cells to develop
  • Chamomile – soothes redness
  • Cypress – strengthens capillaries just under the surface of the skin reducing their sensitivity
  • Patchouli – cools skin


4. Oily Skin

What it is and what causes it?

Oily skin is caused when your skin cells over produce natural oils. Some cultures have naturally occurring oily skin as geographically their bodies have adjusted to protect them from harsh sun and winds.  Eg the Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa.

Sometimes oily skin is caused by harsh over washing and thus the skin tries to overcompensate for lost oils and starts to produce too much.

What is feels and looks like?

Your skin can feel greasy, you can have enlarged pores and be prone to blemishes and congestion.

You need a moisturiser that will slow down your production of natural oils.  Too much oil sometimes causes blockages and pimples so you also need antiseptic qualities in your lotion to combat infection in any blockages you may cause.  It would be worthwhile to do a green clay mask once a week to draw ato the surface and remove any blockages.

Extra tip ( hot water cleansing is going to strip your skin and stress it, causing it to over produce natural oils.  Also, don’t over cleanse and strip all your oils away.  You’ll end up with enlarged pores and greater natural oil production)

My Scented Face Lotion for Oily Skin contains:

  • Rosemary – tightens pores to create finer smoother looking skin
  • Bergamot – cleans the skin and reduces any redness
  • Bay Laurel –tops the spread of bacteria that may cause breakouts
  • Ylang Ylang – balances over production of natural oils


5.    Anti-Ageing

What it is and what causes it?

As we age our levels of collagen and elastin drop resulting in loss of skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles. Newer healthy skin cells take longer to develop and need some stimulation.

What it feels and looks like?

Ageing skin is often dehydrated leading to fine lines.  Deeper wrinkles develop when collagen and elastin decreases as skin loses tone and texture.

You need a moisturiser that promotes collagen and elastin production to keep your skin firm and full of elasticity.  You need ingredients that encourage the growth of new cells so that your skin always looks fresh and healthy.  All of this results in less fine lines and wrinkles.

Extra tip:  its important to keep your circulation stimulated so that your skin receives all the vitamin and nutrients possible.  Clay masks and gentle exfoliation is a great way to achieve this.  Gentle is key here.  Don’t be rough as this can set off free radical damage which is terribly ageing for your skin)

My Scented Face Lotion for Over 35’s Skin contains:

  • Carrot – highly revitalising with vitamins a & c, adds tone and elasticity
  • Frankincense – fantastic for helping ageing skin to stay elastic and smooth
  • Immortelle – encourages healthy skin cells to develop
  • Rose – circulation stimulating, hydrating and softening


6.   Sensitive & Normal Skin

What it is and what it looks like?

Normal skin is smooth with even skin tone and small pores.  It can become dehydrated easily so good hydration is important.

What causes it?

Sensitive skin is most often causes by incorrect product use.

If you have normal or sensitive skin you just need a moisturiser that is gentle and nurturing and keeps healthy skin to stay healthy.  Something natural is best as sensitive skin often reacts to chemical ingredients.

Extra tip: Be gentle. Moisturise morning and night and make sure you keep hydrated so that your skin cells are plump and full of nutrients.  Normal and sensitive skin can have a tendency to become dehydrated so these steps are important.

My Scented Face Lotion for Sensitive and Normal Skin contains:

  • Roman Chamomile – calming and soothing
  • Immortelle – helps healthy new cells to continue to flourish
  • Rosehip – incredibly nurturing and revitalising


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