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Are your cotton makeup pads giving you pimples?

Over the weekend I noticed tiny little pimples or lumps on my forehead and a few other places on my face.

They just appeared out of nowhere.  I went through the usual checklist – ok what have I changed?  Diet, washing liquid, skincare, haircare products?

I came up with no answers.  Then it hit me…oh no… the makeup pads!


I had run out of my usual organic wipes that I use with my Rose Refresher and went to the supermarket but there were none so I bought a regular cotton brand.

This happened to me a few years ago and I completely forgot about it! I think I forgot so that I could go through it again and write this post.

Maybe you are having the same problem but you haven’t connected the dots yet?

So I did a little research about cotton farming and cotton personal care products.

Numerous pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides are used in the farming of conventional cotton.  These not only cause considerable damage to farming communities and the environment, but also leave residues on the finished product.

To make matters worse cotton seeds are treated with fungicides and insecticides. Herbicides are then used to defoliate the plants and make picking easier. Then conventional cotton relies on a number of potentially harmful chemicals for scouring, washing, and leaching. Chemicals include chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, alkylphenoloxylate (APEO), and ethylenediamine tetra-acetate (EDTA).

Ok then.  I’m starting to see why my skin freaked out!

Organic cotton uses untreated, non-GMO seeds and is grown without the use of pesticides or other toxic chemicals. Instead, organic cotton growers emphasize natural, biological methods which include crop rotation, cover crops, organic fertilizers, beneficial insects, and human labour for weed control.

Organic cotton production often involves handpicking – no chemicals, defoliation, or machinery. Organic cotton processing uses natural spinning oils, potato starch, and other natural compounds. No chlorine is used.

In my case my skin reacted to something that was on those makeup pads.  Bright side: its been a few days since I stopped using them and the little pimples have gone away.

If you are suffering from unexplained pimples try changing to organic makeup pads and see if you notice a difference.  It worked for me.

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Stay Scented


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