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How do you want to feel when you look in the mirror?

I spoke to a few of my clients about this during the week.  Their answers were

  • More awake
  • More fresh
  • More youthful

This quick judgement of themselves often set the tone for their day.  They walked away from the mirror feeling more tired, less enthusiastic, and less energetic.

What if we spoke to ourselves differently in those moments?

Like the cat in the photo above, what if we searched for magnificence instead?

And with that thought I offer you this challenge:

Every morning and every night for the next week look into the mirror and say:

“Hello gorgeous!

You look sooo good today.

In fact I would date you myself ”

You might feel a little bit silly at first but go on – DO IT!

Once you’ve made a decision about how you want to feel it is then so much easier to take action to achieve it.  That tiny little seed will want to grow and grow and grow.

You’ll want to take the time to make that juice to make your skin clear and healthy.

You’ll look forward to that face scrub you know your skin loves.

You’ll inhale deeply the beautiful essential oils in your moisturiser knowing that they are helping you to look and feel great.

So gorgeous, lets start building the good vibes today.

Stay Scented


I’d love to hear your results so pop on over to the blog and leave a comment



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