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How to get rid of a whitehead ……..without squeezing!

I’m not kidding when I tell you I have never squeezed a pimple.  I’ve never had to because I was told this folk remedy when I was very young and it works every time.

Step 1

Get a facewasher and run a hot tap over say 1/4 of it until it is very hot.  It needs to be hot.  Press it to your pimple and just the pimple, not your whole face!   Repeat until the whitehead bursts. Now, you may get a few spots of blood.  Don’t worry.  That’s normal.

* what the heat is doing is drawing the pus to the surface

Step 2

This is the important bit.  When it bursts what you should be left with is a small crater, a hollow dot.  If there is a white root still in the centre you are not finished so go back to Step 1.  Gross right?  Did you know every whitehead has a root?  If that root is not removed the pimple will return which is one of the reasons squeezing is useless.  Not to mention pushing all that pus back under your skin.

Step 3

When you are sure there is no root left dab a little Lavender Essential oil on the dot.  Job finished.

Instead of the awful puss filled lump you have a small red dot.  The spot will heal over the next few days (you can add more dabs of lavender)  and then just completely disappear.

I’ve been doing this for years and it works every time!  I love real,  folk medicine techniques that are as old as they are brilliant!

If you have any remedies for pimples I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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